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Bromo Land of The Fire God

ISBN: 978-979-1008-13-6
Rp. 125.000,00

The stage and symphony of Tengger’s extraordinary vista paradiso are in fact  a form of beauty filled with riddles. Even the existence of this Land of the Fire God is a history of silence which conceals legends, folk stories, as well as the mystery whether the existence of the Tenggerese will continue in the future, It is as though the answers are stored away neatly int the thick fog which always cover the foothills in the rainy season. The term Tengger was believed to Tengger’s beloved leaders, Rara Anteng, daughter priest. The lovers became a symbol of struggle and existence of the Tenggerese. Their ancient vista paradiso resonantly brought us to the wisdom of nature and local culture enable us to stop and think for a moment from the spirit of modernization which often neglects the touch of nature and its inherent philosophy of mankind… long before Al Gore reminded our modern, hi-tech world for the preservation of our only planet Earth.

Fotografer: Agus Leonardus, Arbain Rambey, Budi Darmawan, Darwis Triadi, Deniek Sukarya, Dibyo Gahari, Dieter Behrens, Eddy Hasby, Edward Tigor Siahaan, Edy Purnomo, Goenadi Harjanto, John Stanmeyer, Lans Brahmantyo, Martin Westlake, Oscar Motuloh, Rommy Perbawa, Santoso Alimin, Sigit Pramono, Stephanus Hannie, Suherry Arno, Tan Lip Seng, Ucok Harahap

Source: http://javaheritagegallery.com/?page_id=271